Buckskin Stallion


I am the buckskin stallion. A nicer horse you’ll never know. Why, I once teared down a mountain just to hear you say hello.

Now, don’t be sad for the mountain. When I met her she was just a stone. She just grew up for the peace and quiet, but I can’t bear to be alone.

It happened as if in a dream. And it didn’t take too long. I didn’t think I had it in me. Not one bird to sing a song.

Please, don’t think badly of me. Oh please, please don’t go. I cannot bear to be alone. A nicer horse you’ll never know.

So let’s build a house with what’s left. Pile up some rocks and burn a little wood. Pay no attention to the frames from that unpleasant neighborhood.

Don’t ever listen to their pleas. Watch for these devils in disguise. What sort of adversity carries the poison in their cries?

Then wonder why it got so cold. Wonder, where’s the light of day? At this point I’ve got to wonder: what good is a demon that pities its prey?

It’s not enough that you should leave me, the nicer horse you’ll ever know. I cannot bear to be alone. I’ll gather courage and take it slow.


After all we both went through, you wish to turn around and hide. Yet I can’t stop wanting you even if I tried.

Because the world is much too cold and I’m alone, stuck in this weather. I never heard you say hello, but you are worth you weight in leather.


Run. Stare. Lie. Don’t care.

This is the value of all impressions. The strange outcome of quiet inspections.

Stunned. Bruised. Unremarkable. You’re excused.

Ignorant! I’ll run over you.

6. Março. 2019

Buckskin Stallion _ photo

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