valkyrie _ image
In dreams.

Once I was in love with a Valkyrie and I felt lucky because she loved me back. But hers was a stressful job and there was always much aggression in the world. Her dress never remained very white for long, you see?

Every day it got worse and much time would pass before I could see my Valkyrie again. Weapons lack stomachs and thus they never get full. Some people can’t stomach some things but fighting mostly drains your energy so you can never have too much fighting. It’s a shame. She had plenty of work, you see?

The years went by and war was very much commonplace. Many a fine people my Valkyrie did choose and she did so until she could do it no longer. I suppose you can’t blame her. It’s not very good to be dirty all the time and by now the stains got right to her hands. She developed a conscious, you see?

Who am I to choose, my Valkyrie asked. But no one answered for few were now free to do so. I didn’t answer either but only because I didn’t know.

Conflict raged on but for a long time I didn’t care because the Valkyrie was with me. She had given up and stayed home. I thought that was good, you see? But it wasn’t good at all.


Why do you moan, Valkyrie? But she couldn’t say.

She moaned alone in the night, night after night, standing in the garden in the back with the high stone walls all around and her moans bumped with all the other sounds in the world and fighting the moans did no good at all. It just drained my energy and made me really hungry.

She had given up and she refused to choose and because of that very soon everyone was either dead or made a prisoner and there was no telling which one was more silent: the corpse, or the convict. She was clean now but that’s all she was, a clean silhouette whose moans ran with the moon and lighted up the earth.

In the garden in the back nature too gave up trying to escape the high stone walls all around. The vines got very dark. The rock got very dark, as did the moaning. One night I followed the long clean and white dress from the bed to the garden and walked right into the Valkyrie’s mouth


Lisboa, 7. January. 2018.

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